Joshua Slocum Ann Davison The Single-Handed Sailors' Hall of Fame
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Sir Robin Knox-Johnston
ArgentinaCanadaAustraliaDenmarkFranceJapanSouth AfricaSweedenUnited KingdomUSA
Eric Tabarly John Guzzwell

The Single-Handed Sailors' Hall of Fame (SHSHoF) was established at The Museum of Yachting in Newport, Rhode Island in 1985 to recognize the achievements of outstanding solo sailors throughout the world. The first inductees included such pioneers as Joshua Slocum, Sir Francis Chichester and Marin Marie. In recent years contemporary sailors such as Philippe Jeantot, Isabelle Autissier and Ellen MacArthur have been inducted.

Periodically, two independent Nominating and Selection Committees convene to elect the next class of Inductees. These Committees are comprised of authorities in the sport of Single-Handed Sailing including sports journalists and other Hall of Fame Members.

Nomination & Selection Criteria:

  • Unique contribution to the sport of Single-Handed Sailing
  • Extraordinary accomplishments ie: a first-time (record-setting) achievement or a heroic act
  • Demonstrating a pioneering spirit
  • Exceptional love of the sport
  • Advancement of the sport beyond a single voyage or event
  • Source of inspiration to others
  • Outstanding performance in single-handed racing events
  • Overcoming a remarkable challenge
  • Advancing the sport through exceptional design or development of single-handed equipment or technology

Consideration for Induction is always based on the sailors' cumulative career accomplishments, rather than one individual event.

Frank Casper
Harry Pidgeon Isabelle Autissier Kenichi Horie
Mike Plant Alfred Peterson Marcel Bardiaux
Bernard Moitessier Sven Lundgren David Lewis
Alain Gerbault Alec Rose Vito Dumas
Dodge Morgan Kay Cottee
Howard Blackburn Jon Sanders

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Alfred Johnson
Sir Francis Chichester Marin Marie 2006 Inductees Michael Richey
Philip Jeantot Christophe Augin

Ellen MacArthurBertie ReedMinoru SaitoJean Luc van den Heede

Chay Blyth
Alain Colas Naomi James

Ellen MacArthur, Bertie Reed, Minoru Saito & Jean-Luc van den Heede

L.B. Reese
ArgentinaCanadaAustraliaDenmarkFranceJapanSouth AfricaSweedenUnited KingdomUSA
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