The Single-Handed Sailors' Hall of Fame

MIKE PLANT, 1950- 1992
Inducted to Single-Handed Sailors' Hall of Fame 2002


Mike Plant was born in Minnesota and started sailing on Lake Minnetonka at 9 years old, by his 12th birthday he was winning local club races. After many adventures in his 20's, including trekking the length of South America (12,000 mi), he moved to Jamestown, RI and built a 50' ocean racing boat. In 1986 he entered the BOC Challenge and won Class II, his first solo ocean race. In 1989 he competed in the first Vendee Globe Challenge and in the 1990/1 BOC Challenge. After only five years of single-handed sailing he logged over 100,000 miles at sea and set the record for the fastest American solo-circumnavigation. In doing so Plant also became one of only five people to have completed three solo-circumnavigations. In 1992 he was preparing to compete in the Vendee Globe Challenge aboard Coyote, a powerful 60' sloop. He was lost at sea while delivering Coyote from New York to France for the starting line.

1985/6 Built Airco Distributor, a 50' sloop, designed by Rodger Martin
1986/7 Won Class II in BOC Challenge in Airco Distributor, his first solo ocean race
1989 Competed in first Vendee Globe Challenge on 60' sloop Duracell, although eliminated from the race after receiving help with a rudder repair in New Zealand he still set a record for the fasted American to sail single-handed around the world in 135 days
1990/1 Finished 4th overall in BOC Challenge, which was the highest score in a solo sailing event for an American. Plant became one of only five people to complete three solo-circumnavigations.
2002 Inducted to The Single-Handed Sailors' Hall of Fame

Items in Collection of Museum of Yachting: 1987 BOC Challenge Trophy, First Place, Class II, Promotional Video- "A Conversation with Mike Plant", original photos and race programs.

Mike Plant

1987 BOC Trophy, 1st Place Class II  

Airco Distributor


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