Easton's Point Association

The founding vision of Easton's Point Association, Inc.
was to create and maintain a community organization for the area of Middletown, Rhode Island, known as Easton's Point. The purpose of the association was to provide a means by which the residents of the neighborhood could band together to achieve common goals, while simultaneously educating the public as to means of civic improvement and fostering a positive public attitude toward the area and its future. It was determined that this association would be non-commercial, non-sectarian and non-partisan.

The aims of this organization are:
  1. Preservation of our natural resources
  2. Protection of our coastal areas and wetlands
  3. Beautification of approaches and of the area in general
  4. Support and encouragement of groups with similar interests

Membership is open to any person interested in the objectives of Easton's Point Association, Inc., willing to subscribe to its policies.

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Executive Board:
Pat Murphy, President
Maggie Bulmer, Vice President
Dick Tracy, Treasurer
Sarah Gill, Secretary
Anne Burns, Director
Bertie MacGowan, Director
Peter Martin, Director
John Parrillo, Director

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Easton's Point Association, Inc. | P.O. Box 4055 | Middletown, Rhode Island 02842